Canyon MTB Racing and MilKit Partner Up for 2022 & 2023

Canyon MTB Racing partners up with Switzerland based bicycle product company MilKit.
July 12, 2022

For the last six months, the Canyon MTB Racing Team has quietly been testing and proving various new cycling products that recently hit the shelves in 2022.

MilkIt, a company based out of Switzerland, produces innovative solutions redefining tubeless tire installation and sealant solutions. The system was devised in Switzerland after a mountain bike ride in Moab, USA, was cut short due to a flat tire and dried-out sealant.

The founder, product development engineer, and mountain biker Pius Kobler decided to solve this problem and invented MilKit. Together with a team of biking enthusiasts and experienced entrepreneurs, they aim to ease the everyday lives of mountain bikers, cyclists, and other athletes with innovative products and become a leading provider of intelligent bicycle solutions.

In 2020 milKit was crowned the Test Winner in sealants by Mountain Bike Magazin and has big plans for the coming years with new and innovative products and solutions poised to hit the shelves.

The team recently caught up with Aaron Zehner, the growth marketing manager at MilKit, for some additional comments.

"MilKit is a Swiss tubeless expert who, thanks to its innovative solutions, dramatically eases the tubeless life of bikers."

"At the heart of the milKit system is a revolutionary valve system that allows measuring and refilling sealant without having to remove or deflate the tire. In addition, milKit has developed an award-winning sealant that is characterized by its homogeneity, sealing ability, and environmental compatibility and which also works excellently even at high tire pressures. Thus, milKit enjoys great popularity not only in MTB but also amongst gravel and road athletes."

"In the future, MilKit will continue to focus on the development and further development of smart tubeless solutions and systems in order to be able to assert itself as a tubeless innovation leader."

As the Canyon MTB Racing Team prepares for a solid second half of the season and a flurry of races beginning in Lenzerheide, Switzerland, expect to see more from the squad and how some of these partnerships support the race program and continue to enhance day-to-day training and racing.