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Who is Canyon DEVO Racing?


Our Mission is to accelerate the learning curve for aspiring athletes in a fun, performance driven and supportive environment designed to produce World Class people and World Class results.


We want to become the best cycling development program that consistently produces the best athletes in the World

Core Values

Some of our core values include Toughness, Collaboration, Compassion, Excellence, Ethical Practice, Honesty, and Professionalism.

Program Overview

The DEVO program is developing the future mountain bike champions in Canada. We center the entire program around continuous improvement and an environment that fuels fun and long-term personal and professional success in sport and life.

Through structured and scheduled training and consistent education that provides athletes the knowledge to apply training methodology, we've created an environment that drives excellence. We foster athlete development and success through unwavering dedication, consistency, and environment. We take a two-tiered approach by providing coaching, racing, and training camp support to ensure athletes can develop without being limited by resources.

Coaching Support

The program offers extensive coaching support to help athletes fill the gaps within their training and reach their individual goals. Our coaches are former or current professional athletes and high achieving entrepreneurs and business owners, all of which want to share their experiences in sport and business to help the next generation of athletes achieve their potential.


Weekly Team Performance Meeting
Independent training & recovery
Group training (Coach Bi-weekly)
Training metrics upload and OKR tracker
Nutrition metrics upload and OKR tracker
2x weekly strength training


Technical & Tactical Skills Education
Nutrition Education
Performance Mindset Coaching
Fitness Field Testing
Weekly assignments TO LEARN TO SUCCEED using a continuous improvement mindset with Objectives and Key Results (OKRs)
Coach reviewed athlete generated training report monthly


Athlete Self Assessment
Individual Objectives and Key Results are set / Report developed
Race Schedule / Team Schedule
Annual Training Plan
Annual Nutrition Plan

Racing and Training Camp Support

Racing support is provided to all the athletes who join the program. We cover extensive domestic and some international races and unique training camp locations. Some ground transportation, shared lodging, race day support, mechanics, and a cohort of parent volunteers ensure all athletes are looked after on race day.

Click here for an overview of the 2022 race and training camp schedule:

2022 Race & Training Camp Schedule

Who is Canyon DEVO Racing For?

Canyon Devo racing is for up and coming youth cyclists in Canada ages 15-30. These athletes are aspiring to race and compete at the highest level in mountain biking and cyclocross and may not have the in-person event and coaching support they need to achieve a high level. Typically, these athletes would be racing in Cadet Expert, Junior Expert, u23, or Elite.

Join The Program

We are constantly looking for Canada’s next best mountain bike athletes who are interested in pursuing performance and bike racing at the highest level. If you are interested in joining the program, please fill out the form below for more details and information on joining.
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